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Jérémie rafter tiles

300,00 TTC

Artisanal touch



Emotional Touch

Jérémie rafter tiles inspired by mediterranean vibes is hand made in France. A very emotional touch as each tile is different from the others. Do not hesitate to use the Jérémie tiles on limited surfaces in contrast with industrial tiles. It can be ordered in turquoise harmony, or more contrasted one (black/platinum). Personalized colors on order. Large jonction to plan. Delivery 12 to 14 weeks. price for 1mx1m.

Luxurious made in France craft tiles

Jérémie tiles are entirely shaped ans enameled in France by the designer in an authentic crafmanship.Each tile require meticulous making step, shaping, sanding, drying, first firing, enameling  second firing, if necessary third low firing and assembly.Each piece is different from the other resulting an irregular aspect bringing  poetry and soul.

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 100x100x cm

Black/Platinum, Turquoise

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