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Claire Hecquet-Chaut, french ceramic jewelry designer

Claire Hecquet-Chaut, Ceramic Jewelry Designer

Claire Hecquet-Chaut is a French ceramic jewelry designer. This Parisian is mixing fashion and color sense with ceramic kwow-how and trade specificity. Followed by faithful customers, she cultivates confidentiality.

To discover on this website, her blog or Instagram, Claire Hecquet-Chaut ceramic jewelry accessories between Luxury and Craft.

Fashion heritage

Claire Hecquet-Chaut ceramic jewelry designer started clay in her childhood. At French Chateau de Lalande castle, in a very relaxed atmosphere, she made her first ceramic work  : already beads. The material nobility and its physical dimension inspired her.

Later, her granny Claire communicated her love for life, the french chic codes and also an indispensable touch of eccentricity. Together, they use to choose new fabrics for Claire senior’s  old dressmakers, tu run to Paris flea market looking for a special hat, to imagine garden furnitures new colors…not matter the value the most important thing was to have fun.

This strong fashion culture, along with her determined character make her choosing Art and Ceramic for ever. Studying ceramic at Olivier de Serres  National Applied Art School, and glass at Decorative Strasbourg National Art School, then she made her experience in Fashion and Home Decoration (Promostyl trend office, Isabel Marant, Astier de Villatte, Kenzo Parfums, M&F Girbaud, Les Emaux de Longwy…).

Ceramic jewelry Designer

Claire Hecquet-Chaut is now creating and making ceramic jewel collection : Neck laces, breast necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, from small hand made series to unique special orders, proposing also few home decoration creation (home jewelry, wall ear, …).

Inspired by a chic off beat universe, mixing classical style codes with eccentric nods, each creation is meaningful in a frivolous or a deep way.

Since 15 year long, the designer is fully dedicated to ceramic and specially focused on Color. Therefore, she has developed an extraordinary ceramic color range, improving it season after season  like a work in progress for matching the fashion collection.

Claire Hecquet-Chaut is also colaborating on accessorisation projects or color consultancy for exclusive collections choosing to emphasize positive and trust work relationship.


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The studio

Claire Hecquet-Chaut ceramic jewelry designer is creating and manufacturing her collections traditionally in her mini studio close to Paris : a little piece of nature in a both modern and timeless 19th century atmosphere.

Each creation is entirely thin clay handmade, kilned by using a 1050 degree temperature,  enameled, rekilned, then comes the gilder work for metallic pieces and finally it’s time for the last step, assembly before delivery.

The beautiful  imperfection, the sublime default, associated with a classical roots offbeat inspiration and also with subtle colors  make the ceramicist work a luxury craft.


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