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Cross Bracelet

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Wrist rosary

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Mini cross, Maxi mystical

Cross ceramic bracelet consist of small hand made beads, a sacred hart shaped bead and a very tiny ceramic cross. Worn as a faith jewel or a provocative accessory, impossible to break free from cross earrings symbolism.It can be choose in an ecclesiastical color (Burgundy), or brighter ones (platinum, white) depending on your feeling with this jewel.Usual length is 18 cm, if other size required, thank to specify at the order

A noble material

Cross bracelet is shaped and enameled in France by the designer in an authentic crafmanship. Each bead require  several meticulous making step, shaping, sanding, drying, first firing, enameling  second firing, if necessary third low firing and assembly. Metallic ring, and chain come from French craftsmen and are nickel free. The packaging is done by a French printer. Each piece is different from the other resulting an irregular aspect bringing  poetry and soul.

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions 18.5xx cm
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