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Gypsy earrings

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Long and fine earrings.

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Gypsy earrings : lightness!

Gypsy chic spirit earrings are both long and thin. These ceramic earrings are made of  mini beads of different sizes hanged up. Easy to wear, very light, they are to be chosen in soft or classical tones (blue celadon, navy …) or in bright mediteranean colors (blood red, emerald, turquoise…). Platinum and White will make them smart. Personalised colors and clip can be done on order. Lenght : about 7,5 cm. Delivery time : From 3 days to 4 week depending on the availability

A noble material for a made in France creation.

Gypsy earrings are carefully made in France by the designer in an authentic crafmanship. This creation requires several meticulous making steps, shaping, sanding, drying, first firing, enameling  second firing, and assembly. Irregular aspect bringing  poetry and soul.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 7.5xx cm

Burgundy, Celadon, Celadon Bleu, Emerald, Khaki, Light Peacock Blue, Pink orange, Platinum, Transparent deep red., Turquoise, White

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