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Wall Ear

55,00 TTC

Walls have ears

UGS : ORLDM1 Catégorie :


Walls have ears.

Wall ear is a home wall ceramic decoration, as a reminder that creation can make our life happier. Smiling as an elegant way to resist. A wall ear to hang in a hidden dark place for surprising, or to set as an installation with several pieces.In option, wall ear with earring!

A made in France creation

Wall Ear is made in France by the designer in an authentic crafmanship.Each ear requires  several meticulous making step, shaping, sanding, drying, first firing, enameling  second firing, if necessary third low firing and assembly.Irregular aspect bringing  poetry and soul.

Informations complémentaires

Poids30 g
Dimensions 6.5xx cm
Option pour l'oreille de mur
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